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There are 15 categories you can apply to compete in. No matter the size, sector or scope of your organisation, we have the right category for you!

Customers at the Heart of Everything™

It’s really all about customers! This is one of our most popular categories, and with good reason! The award goes to those organisations who have placed their customers at the centre of all company efforts, from start to finish. Are your customers at the heart of what you do? Show it to the judging panel!

Customers at the Heart of Everything™ - Financial Services

Customers at the Heart of Everything™ - IT & Telecoms

Customers at the Heart of Everything™ - under 1,000 employees

Customer Experience in the Crisis

In 2020, we saw how work can change overnight. That’s why it’s important to be prepared for any type of crisis that might occur and make sure your customers still have the best experience possible. This award is for those organisations that managed to excel at delivering exquisite customer experience during a crisis, with minimum negative impact on their business goals and results. Also, it acknowledges those businesses that managed to thrive during these troublesome times, with the pandemic and everything that happened as a result of it.

Customer Experience in the Crisis - Financial Services

Customer Experience in the Crisis - Government Services and Aviation

Customer Experience in the Crisis - Telecom and Logistics & Supply Chain

Customer-Centric Culture

Does your company focus on customers enough? There are many companies that claim to be customers-centric, but in fact they’re not; the customer will feel this and quickly move away. This award celebrates those companies that put their customers at #1, making sure that their business culture reflects this. How good are you at creating the best experiences for your customers?

Customer-Centric Culture - Financial Services

Customer-Centric Culture - over 10,000 employees

Customer-Centric Culture - Telecoms and Utilities

Employee Experience in the Crisis

How well are your employees trained for responding to a crisis? Are they equipped with the right mindset and resources to handle all potential problems and issues? This award is for organisations with the best methods for helping employees get through the pandemic, either by allowing them to work remotely, retraining them, etc.

Employee Experience in the Crisis - Financial Services

Employee Experience in the Crisis - Telecom and Logistics & Supply Chain

Best Use of Insight and Feedback

Insight and feedback can have a tremendous effect on the way a business grows and develops. By listening closely to what customers are saying, and analysing day-to-day actions, a company can literally transform itself and enter a whole new stage of development. This category is reserved for those businesses that have used insight and feedback to achieve outstanding results in their work.

Best Use of Insight and Feedback - Financial Sector under 5,000 employees

Best Use of Insight and Feedback - over 10,000 employees

Best Use of Insight and Feedback - Telecoms and IT

Best Digital Customer Experience - Financial Services

Best Digital Customer Experience - over 5,000 employees

Best Digital Customer Experience - Telecoms and Utilities

Best Digital Transformation

Transforming a business is rarely an easy task, but digital solutions have enabled companies to make the switch to digital as smoothly as possible. However, there are still many challenges to overcome, in terms of efficiency and overall cost of the whole process. This award is given to those businesses that have managed to make to transform themselves digitally and thrive because of implemented changes.

Best Digital Transformation - under 25 years in business

Business Change and Transformation

Change is an inevitable part of business, and those companies that are better adapted to change and transformation will have higher chances of success, both short-term and long-term. How has your organisation handled business change and transformation? This award will celebrate the best achievements in this area.

Business Change and Transformation - over 10,000 employees

Business Change and Transformation - Telecoms

Contact Centre

Having a good contact centre is vital for of a business. Contact centres are so much more than call centres; they are central sections of all customer interaction, assisting customers in whatever they need. From marketing to sales, a contact centre is what sets you apart from the competition; it keeps you on the frontline and helps you understand your customers much better. If you have a contact centre you’re proud of, apply and get a chance of winning an award for this category.

Contact Centre - over 10,000 employees

Best Customer Service

There are businesses that don’t invest much in customer service, and suffer consequences because of that. Customer service is the lifeline of your business; without it, you lose contact with your customers, they lose interest and that undoubtedly leads to bad results down the road. Are you proud of your customer service? Show it to the world and get in the race for the Best Customer Service award.

Best Customer Service - over 5,000 employees

Best Customer Service SME

Best B2B CX Strategy

Customer experience is not only reserved for B2C companies, but to B2B ones as well. After all, it all comes down to people, no matter what the business model is; knowing how to work with people and address their concerns lies at the heart of every successful company. That is why this award celebrates those companies that have gone to great lengths to come up with a winning B2B CX strategy.

Best B2B CX Strategy - Financial and Professional Services

Best Measurement in Customer Experience

How do businesses know what their results are? By measuring them. This goes for every aspect of a business, including CX. What are your methods of measuring customer experience? How did you start implementing them? How effective are they? Describe them in detail after you apply for this category; the judges will pick the best measurement in CX and award the company behind it.

Best Measurement in Customer Experience - over 5,000 employees

CX Team of the Year

No matter how good individual efforts are, teamwork will always stay on top. Having a good team in any section of the company can save a lot of time, energy and financial resources; this goes for CX as well. The award in this category is given to the best CX team of the year, praising its members for great work done to help customers feel respected and cherished.

CX Team of the Year - Financial Services

CX Team of the Year - over 10,000 employees

CX Professional of the Year

There will always be outstanding individuals that put extra effort into producing the best results for their companies. Who is the CX professional you’re most proud of? What are the results they achieved for the company in the previous year? This category celebrates the best individuals from CX, doing what they know best.

CX Leader of the Year

Real, profound changes in the industry come about when CX professionals become leaders, sharing best practices and showing the way forward. They are the true innovators. This award celebrates the best of the best; people from CX that introduce new ways of thinking, introduce revolutionary solutions and create new opportunities for creativity and growth of the entire CX landscape.

CX Leader of the Year - over 5,000 employees (large organisation)

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