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The International Customer Experience Awards recognise and celebrate the delivery of an exceptional customer experience.

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Decide on the entry you are going to make for the International Customer Experience Awards based on the category titles below.

Customer-Centric Culture - That is sustained across the entire organisation with all employees, systems, processes and that puts the customer at the heart of everything that is done

Best Customer Experience Strategy - A customer experience strategy that demonstrated a tangible shift in direction and that lead to positive business results

Business Change or Transformation - A significant Customer Experience focus that led to sustainable change or transformation of the organisation

Customer Insight & Feedback - An active programme to listen to customers (multi channel), to create feedback opportunities, & effectively use customer insights to make high impact changes to products, services, processes and the overall customer experience

Best Measurement in Customer Experience - That demonstrates the use of key CX metrics to bring a greater customer focus to tracking, analysing and effectively measuring initiatives

Best Multi/Omni-Channel Customer Experience - A customer focus on delivering a consistent and persistent customer experience across all channels when interacting with your company

Most Effective Customer Experience in Social Media - Demonstrate the effective use of individual or mixed social media channels to build active relationships that fully engage customers – Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, Google+

Contact Centre - A contact centre transformation project demonstrating great customer experience and making it easier for customers to do business with you

Client Relationship Management - Designed and implemented new and effective techniques to enhance the customer experience through better customer relationship management (CRM)

Best Use of Mobile - Using phone, tablet and other mobility devices to deliver an exceptional customer experience

Digital Transformation - The profound transformation of business and organizational activitie. A focus on processes, competencies and models to significantly enhance customer and employee experiences that fully use changes and opportunities available in a mix of digital technologies

Best Digital Strategy - That implemented an effective digital strategy that lead to positive customer engagement and improved business results

Diversity & inclusion - That has diversity and inclusion at the heart of its business, providing outstanding support and opportunities to everyone equally

Employer of the Year - Engaged and highly Motivated Employees, High Staff Retention Rates, Human Resource Initiatives, Personnel Development Initiatives

Employee Empowerment - A Strategy designed to enhance the employee experience, demonstrate corporate wellbeing and linking employee engagement and empowerment to the heart of the business

Customer Experience Professional - Who has identified & responded to an opportunity resulting in influencing the organisation to shift and significantly impact the overall customer experience

Customer Experience Team - A team that has identified & responded to an opportunity resulting in significant impact on customer experience and the organisation

Customer Experience Leadership - A leader whose influence ,communication, passion and focus has significantly impacted the adoption of a more customer focussed culture and transformation empowering their organisation or community

Customer Complaints - focuses on how businesses manage consumer complaints

Multiple category entry

Having decided on one entry, it may be the content can quickly be adapted to submit multiple entries. Your entry may also suit a different Category and indeed make a great individual or team entry. Maximise your chances of winning by entering multiple categories.

An Overall International Customer Experience Awards Winner will also be announced on the day.
This is derived from the entry that achieves the Judges’ highest score from all categories in each of the Awards i.e. the ‘Winner’s Winner!’

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