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This was a great evening and a great awards event, all throughout. Congrats on the organization and the chance to get CX people together, so we can learn more and grow!

Celebrating Success

Brought to you by Awards International, the ICXA® celebrates the incredible work done by CX professionals all over the world – and gives you a chance for recognition.

ICXA® is a worldwide movement! Awards International has been leading the change on CX since we founded our first event of this kind back in 2010. Our awards events connect participants, partners and judges from around the globe and give them the chance to compete for the highest accolades in the world of customer experience!

  • Early Bird Registration Deadline

    JULY 16
  • Entry Deadline

  • Finalists Announcement

  • Early Booking Deadline

  • Booking Deadline

  • Awards Finals Day 1

  • Awards Finals Day 2

  • Awards Ceremony


With 15 categories you can choose from, live presentations that you can attend, talks from top CX influencers and networking opportunities throughout the day, this is so much more than just another awards event!

Winners 2021

We’re doing so much to help our customers have the best time possible, and it’s a special thing when your organization is picked by a selection of judges from the top of CX. It’s a great boost to keep on improving and developing.

Ethical Awards

We always make sure that each entrant has an equal chance of competing and winning an award; the rules are clear and apply to all.

No other awards programme undertakes this level of scrutiny of the entries.

  • At least 3-6 judges per category
  • Every entry is scored at least 10 times by the judges in your category (first online and then again at the live online presentations)
  • 6,500 unique scores on the day, plus 5,200 scores from written entries
  • Each entry is scrutinised by independent judges for at least 7.5 hours

In recognition of our achievements, we are recipients of the coveted Outstanding Trust Mark from the Independent Awards Standards Council, for the second year running.

Awards International will continue to strive for perfection in all our events, so that every participant can have the best possible awards experience!

What’s great about these awards is that one can see just how complex and intricated the CX landscape is; so many great professionals working to perfect the customer experience!

How to Enter

Entering the ICXA® is simple – in just two easy steps, your awards journey can start!


Choose the category(-ies); find those that reflect your organisation’s success. You may enter as many initiatives as you wish. Also, you may submit the same entry across multiple categories, if it applies.


Submit your entry form; the online entry form is your key to impressing the judges, so make the best of it! Present all the valid reasons why your initiative should be highly appreciated and awarded this year.

What happens next?

Await the announcement of the shortlisted entries: on August 27, a panel of ICXA® judges will shortlist the companies for the Finals. After that comes your presentation, finding out whether you won and – enjoying the Awards Ceremony!

For more information on the entry process, and for answers to any other questions, please contact your Awards Consultant Vuk Vukanovic on +44(0)2086 385584 or email Vuk at vuk@awardsinternational.com

To learn more about the achievements we’re recognising this year, check out our categories page.

Winners 2021

It’s a wonderful achievement to be nominated for a category at the awards, because it proves how hard we’ve worked last year to improve customer experience for our organization. Winning is an even higher honour, but the nomination itself is worth taking part in the final ceremony!

Awards Experience

The Awards are a two-day experience, held fully online using the latest videoconferencing software. Click here to see the full agenda.

You can expect:

  • From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., finalists present their initiatives in front of independent judging panels: this is the Awards Finals.
  • Each category has its own “room”, administered by a member of the Awards International team, in which each of the category’s presentations will take place.
  • Many of these are open to spectators, so you’ll have the opportunity to attend open presentations throughout the day and see dozens of examples of top customer experience.
  • Before or after your presentation, you can also network with hundreds of other CX professionals, exchange thoughts and gain new industry insights; our networking app makes this so much easier.
  • Expanding on customer feedback, we’re organising a series of #CXTrendsTalks throughout the day, delivered by some of the world’s top CX professionals. Featuring speakers from Ipsos, SAP, Koypop and the CXPA and culminating in a panel discussion, it’s the perfect way to build up to the Awards Ceremony.
  • An incredible Awards Ceremony, featuring keynote speakers from Africa, Asia and North America, a charity raffle for SOS Children’s Villages, and the announcement of the winners in each category!
Winners 2021`

Fun, enjoyable and a big, big learning opportunity! These awards are here to help us understand just how important our work is, and how rewarding it is to get recognition for your efforts.

What Else is New?

We've got an updated set of 15 categories that reflect how business priorities in CX have evolved over the past year. We've also streamlined your entry form, which now features 7 criteria (and 8 for the team and professional categories).

Also, we are the only awards with a bespoke awards software giving full auditability of scoring and feedback reports. Via our Awards Manager 2, you can access your own portal and account and revisit your application until the entries are perfectly crafted.

CXTrendsTalks™ are one of our latest additions. Specialist CX speakers will be keeping us up to date on the latest research and opinions on what is happening in CX; these talks will be taking place throughout the day.

Winners 2021